Innovative Information Technologies in the Modern VET Schools

Erasmus+KA202 Project

  Last mobilty in Italy.Arduino Hardware and Software
Arduino Hardware and Software

Start Date-End Date:24/10/2022-27/10/2022

Meeting Presentation PowerPoint File: Hardware the components.ppx

Meeting Presentation PowerPoint File: 2-Hardware and software examples and connections.ppx

  Fourth mobilty in Serbia.Network Building with Mikrotik Router#
Network Building with Mikrotik Router

Start Date-End Date:16/05/2022-19/05/2022

Meeting Presentation pdf File: MicroTik1.pdf

Meeting Presentation PowerPoint File: MicroTik1.ppx

Meeting Presentation pdf File : MicroTik2.pdf

Meeting Presentation PowerPoint File: MicroTik2.ppx

  Thirth mobilty in Bulgaria.Object Orient Programming With C#
Object Orient Programming With C#

Start Date-End Date:21/03/2022-24/03/2022

Meeting Presentation:The Thirth Mobility Meeting Presentation-Quiz Game

Meeting Presentation:The Thirth Mobility Meeting Presentation-FLAPPY_BIRD_GAME

  Second mobilty in Turkiye.Dynamic Web Site
Dynamic Web Site

Start Date-End Date:13/12/2021-17/12/2021

Meeting Presentation:The Second Mobility Meeting Presentation

  First mobilty in Portugal.3D Printing And 3D Modelling
3D Printing And 3D Modelling

Start Date-End Date:25/10/2021-29/06/2021

Meeting Presentation:The first Mobility Meeting Presentation

  First meeting in Serbia
Serbia Meeting Results

Start Date-End Date:28/06/2021-29/06/2021

Meeting Presentation:The first Transnational Project Meeting Presentation

Meeting Report:The first Transnational Project Meeting Report